Architecture Reel

“It isn’t so much about an architect’s client and budget but the aspirations or needs of the client and how the architect uses his or her imagination to create this thing we call architecture... .that’s what’s so great about the work of our student architects.”

Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee – Co-Founder The Rural Studio, MacArthur Fellow, AIA Gold Medal Winner

Demonstration reel from footage shot of The Rural Studio buildings 1999-2001

In 2008 BluePrint Productions developed a unique camera rig than can travel up to 150 feet along any path through space, allowing the viewer to experience the architecture in a more exciting and realistic way rather than through still photography or computer animation. Flying between floors and through multiple volumes, the high definition camera can also pivot up to 360 degrees in motion, creating dramatic sweeping views. BluePrint Productions combines this technology with years of filmmaking experience and a keen appreciation of the spatial qualities of architecture to offer our clients the ability to present their work in a compelling new way.