5 Days in July

5 days in July - Video Installation

“a startling distillation of the event of the that summer, with images of the world right outside Aljira’s doors going up in flames, people running in panic from sniper fire, and government leaders casting blame every which way. You come away feeling that no terrorists could have done anything worse to the American city than what America itself did.”

– Holland Cotter, New York Times
Art in Review | December 28, 2007

Producer/Director Esther Podemski and Chuck Schultz

In the summer of 1967, a tidal wave of racial unrest swept across our nation’s cities sparked by the violence that began in Newark, New Jersey. The two screen installation is comprised entirely of archival footage. Personal accounts from independent films of the period juxtapose official archival news footage documenting the civil unrest. Forty years after the Newark Riots, the larger than life projections transport the audience back in time as witness and participant.

Link: http://www.5daysinjulyinstallation.com/info.php